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The Intense Pulsed Light: IPL is used by the light with wavelengths from 500-1200 nanometer.  It can be used to treat skin problems in several cases, i.e. skin brightening up, reducing dark circles from freckles & blemishes, post-inflammatory pigmentation from acne, hair removal, unusual vascular growth treatment, and reducing wrinkles and pores.


The treatment with P-NAIN 35 has been certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for safeness. In general, the results can be obviously noticed from the first treatment.  However, it is advisable to do repeatedly every 1-2 weeks until the results are satisfactory. After that, you can do a continuous monthly treatment to maintain the healthy skin.

After the treatment, try to avoid direct sun light and apply sunscreen every day.


Treatment Fees:

2,000 Baht per time or 10,000 Baht for total 6 treatments. 

The treatment can also eliminate unwanted hair with a starting price for only 500 Baht.