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Acne Treatments

Treatments for Acne Problems

Acne treatment will commence with topical medication under strict instructions (this is the most essential step to treat acne). The oral medication will be required and instructed as per our physician’s recommendation in order to reduce inflammatory acne.


Treatments For Non-inflammatory Acne

For non-inflammatory acne or comedone, it can be eliminated by 1000 NAIN Laser. Next step is to reduce acne spots, create smooth skin and remove the redness caused by acne. This is done by using the Smooth Bright Laser Treatment or the P-NAIN 35. After that, Smartlux will be used to restore the skin, decrease acne and inflammation. Followed by Acne Mask, a facial treatment for reducing inflammatory acne and oily skin.


Acne Scar

To solve acne scar problems, tighten pores, and adjust skin texture will be done either by Floracel treatment or Injecting Fillers.