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Face & Neck Lift Programs

Treatments Using Injection

Here Botulinum A will be the first step to be done in order to create a clear face shape and jaw line with less wrinkles on the neck. Then, Injectable Fillers are applied to add and enhance your jaw line. SygmaLift is then used to lift the facial skin and neck (especially the skin next to the chin).

Additional treatments can be taken for a perfect wrinkle free result such as:

Treatments Without Injection

SygmaLift will be initially used to lift your cheeks, decrease nasolabial folds and oral commissure. It will adjust your jaw line and decrease double chin problem and also reduce wrinkles on your neck. After this procedure is done we then use the Smooth Bright Laser or P-NAIN 35 treatment to stimulate collagen production and brighten your skin tone. To complete the treatment we then use the Smartlux to provide a skin restoration followed by the Infusion treatment to provide your skin with the right skin food.