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Wrinkle Treatments

Treatment Using Injections

For a treatment with injection, it begins with the usage of Botulinum A in order to reduce wrinkles and help lift the face and neck.  Next, Injectable Fillers are used to fill in deep fold line and adjust the face shape accordingly. In order to effectively lift the face and neck, Floracel is operated; which helps decrease shallow wrinkles.

Additional treatments can be taken for a perfect wrinkle free result such as:

Treatments Without Injections

In case, you prefer to avoid injection treatments, we can use the SygmaLift for face lifting, increasing jaw line, eliminating double chin problem, reducing wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, or even lifting the upper eyelid and eyebrow. After this treatment has been applied you can also use additional treatments for maximum results:

  • Smooth Bright Laser or P-NAIN 35 will be used to stimulate collagen synthesis and brightening skin.
  • It is excellent to obtain skin restoration with Smartlux technology.
  • Which could then be followed by Infusion for adding skin food.