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Freckles, Melasma & Age Spot Treatment

Melasma & Freckle Treatment

To treat melasma and freckles, we will start with the medication to help decrease the melanin synthesis. We then prescribe you medication according to your condition. After that, Smooth Bright Laser will be applied for treating abnormal melanin, to decrease wrinkles and to tighten the skin pores resulting in smooth and brighter skin surface. Infusion is then used to deliver the right skin food and adjust your skin tone. To complete the treatment, Smartlux is applied for skin restoration.


Age spot is a result of excessive production of melanin caused by prolonged sun exposure; skin area which is frequently exposed to the sun becomes brown or black in color clearly seen when compared with its surrounded area. It is quite common in older adults. However, age spots can be treated by applying medication to decrease the melanin synthesis and also taking medication according to our physician’s recommendation. Then, Smooth Bright Laser will be implemented to treat abnormal melanin, decrease wrinkle, tighten pores, and provide smooth face skin. An Infusion technology is applied to infuse skin food to your skin and brighten your skin tone, which is then followed by the Smartlux treatment in order to restore your skin’s texture.