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Smooth Bright Laser

Laser treatment can treat especially skin pigment, both shallow and deep levels of skin including freckles, superficial and deep skin melasma, Ota, Hori’s Nevus, tattoos, etc. There is also a laser system that enable the Skin Rejuvenation treatment for superficial wrinkles, skin whitening along with peeling dead skin cells and shrink pores.

Before Treatment

  • Avoid applying sun tan substances or substances that are sensitive to light.
  • Avoid sun light and applying sunscreen every day.

After Treatment

  • In case there are scales on face, it is better to clean the face gently. Be careful not let scales fall quickly.
  • Avoid sun light, and apply sunscreen every day

Treatment Fees:

3,000 Baht per time or 15,000 Bath for total 6 treatments.